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Information on Student Participation in State Assessments

Information on Student Participation in State Assessments at Lake Shore


Parents across New York State want to know more about the Common Core State Standards and State Assessments.

The Common Core State Standards show what students in Pre-K through 12th grade should know and be able to do in English Language Arts and mathematics. The standards have been designed to help students across the state learn the same skills to prepare them for college and careers. These standards include changes or “shifts” in how teachers teach to help children succeed in topics and skills that have been identified as critical.

The Common Core State Standards mean different tests for children. Starting in April, NYS assessments will gauge student’s Common Core knowledge and skills for third through eighth grade in ELA and Mathematics. The tests will make sure that students are meeting grade-level expectations.

The new assessments will be an important tool for improving student achievement and will help principals and teachers identify students who might need extra support to successfully move on to the next grade level.

Educators throughout the District have worked to ensure that students are well-prepared for the content and format of these assessments.

State testing is considered an important part of instruction in education programs. It provides an evaluation of student mastery of content and skills and help shapes future instruction.

All students in public and charter schools must take all State assessments for their grade level. Schools are required to follow testing guidelines that are outlined in Federal and State requirements and regulations.

The New York State Office of State Assessment has advised the District that there is no opt out testing option for parents. School Districts are required to place a test in front of all students who are present during the administration or make-up period.

Students who refuse to take any or all portions of these assessments will be considered “not tested” in accordance with testing procedures outlined by the State.  

The failure to follow these procedures will have a negative impact on our school district’s accountability, as all schools are required to have a 95% participation rate in State testing.

“The upcoming assessments will be one more tool we have to assess, shape and improve our educational programming to benefit our children,” Assistant Superintendent for Instruction Melissa Evingham said.

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